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Before you can start making money with an online business, you first have to decide where you want your website published. Making that decision is important because it determines who is responsible for maintaining the server where your site is hosted. You can choose either self-managed web hosting services or fully managed hosting services, but unless you have technical expertise, you are probably safest with fully managed hosting services.


Why Choose Managed Web Hosting Services

If you do choose managed web hosting services, the company you rent the server from will also handle all of the necessary maintenance tasks for it, but if you choose a self-managed hosting company, you will have to do the maintenance tasks yourself.

What Is Included?

When you choose managed web hosting services, the company will take care of technical tasks like:

  • Server Monitoring
  • Data Security
  • Storage Management
  • Database Management
  • Data Backup

Server Monitoring

Keeping your server up and running is one of the most critical tasks provided by the web hosting company. If the server goes down, your website is down as well and you stop making money. The company monitors the servers for signs of potential failures so they can prevent problems before they occur.

Data Security

Keeping your data safe on their servers is another critical task that a managed web hosting company provides. They will monitor the servers and scan for potential threats like malware and viruses that can destroy your data or infiltrate your system to get information, such as your business and/or your customer’s financial information.

The hosting company will also take care of software firewall configurations, provide spam filtering for your email accounts and make sure the operating system is up-to-date. Data security is vital for keeping your company and customers’ data private so you can continue to run your business.

Storage Management

The data storage requirements for your business may change as you become more successful and your company expands. The web hosting company will make sure you have the storage space your business needs as your requirements change. This may mean suggesting a dedicated server for your business so there is room to expand when needed.

Database Management

The web hosting company you choose will have experienced database administrators that can recommend the best software for your database needs. Running an e-commerce site is much different from having a website dedicated to blogging, so the administrators will need to be skilled in coding SQL, MySQL, and Java, as well as other database languages.

Data Backup

To prevent data loss during a natural disaster or a system crash, it is vital that a data backup is routinely performed. Many small businesses lose about 50 percent of their data when problems occur, but you can easily prevent that from happening by choosing a managed web hosting company. They will perform data backups for you on a regular basis so you don’t have to worry about losing critical information during a crisis.

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