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The light you see can be categorised into several different spectrums. A spectrograph is a device that can be used to separate lights of different frequencies and then record the signal with the help of a special camera. The device is most commonly used in private labs for research. Most people think that a spectrograph is a singular instrument. However, the term ‘spectrograph’ can be applied to a number of different machines, primarily depending upon the exact nature of the light waves to be recorded. The term was originally coined in 1876 by a doctor named Henry Draper, who created the first ever working spectrograph. He used the spectrograph to take pictures of the Vega light spectrum.

The original device was pretty big and was quite difficult to use as well. However, as technology has progressed over the years, new and improved spectrographs have been introduced. Today, you can buy various types of imaging spectrographs. Portable instruments are also available on the market. Perhaps the simplest definition of an imaging spectrograph can be a device that separates light from different wavelengths and then records the data. Most spectrographs are fitted with detector systems that are capable of identifying the light spectrum.

Types of Spectrographs

As mentioned above, there are different types of spectrographs available today. One of these is the stellar spectrograph, which uses photographic paper as a means of detecting the light spectrum. The stellar spectrograph was used to discover the plant pigment phytochrome. Living plants were used as a detector after being placed in the spectrograph to discover the pigmentation. However, the latest models available in the market do not use such detectors. Instead, they are equipped with electronic detectors. A common example of this is a charge coupled device, which can be used to detect ultraviolet and visible light. The choice of the detector to be used primarily depends on the wavelengths of the light that are to be recorded.

Another type of spectrograph used today is an echelle spectrograph. This model mainly uses a couple of diffraction gratings that are rotated at right angles from each other and are placed near each other. That’s why echelle spectrographs generally have an entrance point, and not a slit. A 2d CCD chip is installed within the spectrograph, and is used for recording.

Buying a Spectrograph

There are many factors to consider when buying a spectrograph. Imaging spectrographs are available in many different shapes and sizes. Depending upon your purpose, you need to buy the spectrograph that best works for you. Before you make a purchase, it is important for you to do your research properly. Find out about the most reliable models in the market, and then read what customers have to say about that model before you make a decision. Most companies that sell spectrographs provide a comprehensive warranty for their products. Make sure you check these factors you buy any imaging spectrograph.