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Search engine optimization (SEO) is a field that combines marketing with web development. It helps a company build links to other companies. This practice consists of several techniques designed to attract customers to the website of a business. However you want to define it, SEO is important and its popularity is growing every day. More people are getting involved by working directly for SEO firms. If you are considering a career in an SEO company, or you are interested in their services, you can look at a few common jobs offered by these professionals.

Web Developer

Web Developer

The website is the first and foremost place where SEO techniques appear. However, not all business people know how to create websites or use the HTML language. The web developer has completed years of training in the field, so he knows more about it than any amateur does. Not only that, but the web developer is specially trained to equip a website with SEO.

Web developers are the first people to consider for help on your website. They build and design your site from top to bottom. They are similar to parents that build the foundation for children. The SEO versions of developers have the knowledge to promote any online business.

Graphic Designer

Similar to web developers are graphic designers. These professionals also work on the computer and make use of software programs. They are experts in the computer and technology field.

Graphic designers mainly work at an artistic level. They create graphics that appear on ads, banners, brochures, catalogs and other forms of media. Wherever there is a need for photos or images, there is a need for graphic designers. A major part of SEO is appealing to people’s senses through the eyes, ears and hands. A good SEO designer is able to appeal to the visual and auditory senses of people.


Copywriters are the same as regular writers, except they mostly work on websites, writing for home and landing pages. They appeal to people through the written word. They write SEO web copy that is hardly anything like writing articles or blog posts. These writers use specific keywords and action verbs in this copy. Their main purpose is to entice the audience into taking action.

Online businesses people, salespeople and advertisers are always on the lookout for good copywriters. They always need copy that is updated regularly. Without good SEO copywriters, few companies can expect to thrive in the field.

You cannot simply create a website and walk away. You have to include a series of quality SEO features. Without these SEO techniques, you will not attract new customers. Then, your online business will become non-existent and invisible on the Web. You cannot work with any professional, though. You need to work with the ones that have proved to be honest, efficient and fast. If you know nothing about this SEO field, it helps to look up the main positions and duties. You need this information to find the most reliable SEO company in Dubai.