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Samsung has a tendency to make use of a separate technique for its Smartphone processors; various chips may function in various areas.

It’s stated in specs of Galaxy Note 6 that it may operate on a custom built Exynos 8890 within the East Asia marketplace. Nevertheless, American areas are stated to obtain a Galaxy Note 6 that features Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 820 SoC.

There’s also speak that Samsung may choose a large 6GB Memory component within the Galaxy Note 6. That’s a remarkable quantity of storage to get a Smartphone, but it’s sure to attract the Note’s power user market.

When it comes to storage, we’re anticipating at least three choices: 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB. Nevertheless, we’ve noticed that Samsung may also contain its UFS 2.0 memory chips within the Galaxy Note 6. That will place 256GB of super-quick storage in the removal of Note customers. Not-bad, eh?

Lastly, there’s chat of the 20-megapixel back-experiencing camera about the Galaxy Note 6. That doesn’t reveal significantly, since picture quality is just a little section of a camera’s performance. Nevertheless, prior Galaxy Note devices have provided remarkable photography efficiency; therefore we’d be amazed when the Galaxy Note 6 was any distinct. Regrettably, we haven’t observed any whispers concerning the top-experiencing camera so far, but stay tuned in.

There’s just so much we are able to claim about potential Galaxy Note 6 specs and battery life till we really check the unit.

It’s stated the Galaxy Note 6 may have a 4,000mAh battery. That’s a somewhat greater storage capability compared to 3,000mAh mobile utilized in the Galaxy Note 5. As a result, we’d anticipate greater battery life.

Pack that using the energy enhancements provided by the Snapdragon 820 – stated to function – and it’s all seeking great.

Nevertheless, the show might be a severe strain on battery. It’s stated the Note 6 may deliver having a 6-inch 4K display, which may be horrendously energy-starving. What’s more, we wouldn’t be amazed to determine Samsung’s “Always-On” display technology – debuted on the Galaxy S7 – additionally offering on the Galaxy Note 6. That may burn the battery for an additional 1% each hour or maybe much more, if it’s incorporated.

With all that in your mind, we’ll simply watch for the phone to reach at work prior to making any reasoning on battery life.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 6 is stated to have a substantial 6-inch screen.

What’s more, it’s expected to become the very first Samsung phone to provide a 4K/UHD screen-resolution that will be nevertheless a scarcity within the Smartphone marketplace.

We’d be much more willing to think Samsung may choose a repeat of last year’s display, particularly thinking about the handset’s comparable success significantly. If you aware about the specifications of galaxy s8; then you will be amazed. Samsung is trying to make both note and s series completely different.