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Where would we be without our cellphones? In fact, do you even remember what life was like before your cellphone? Let’s remind ourselves: you couldn’t warn your parents you would be late home from school, there’s no way to tell loved ones when you got stuck in a traffic jam and people were simply out of contact for hours and hours. Nobody in their right mind misses the pre-cellphone days.

Avoid the Dreaded Contracts

However, one thing that we could all do without is the contracts that cellphone providers love to lock us into. They lure us in with the promise of a free phone but then the monthly bills keep flooding in, filled with hidden fees and additional charges they assume we won’t notice. And let us not forget the horror of roaming charges if we dare set foot in a foreign country. The best way to avoid having to sign up to a restrictive contract is to buy your own phone and get it unlocked online. It is easy to unlock a Samsung phone, an iPhone or whatever brand you have simply by finding an online company that specializes in unlocking phones.

The Unlocking Process

Here’s what you will need to do:

  1. Select what service your cellphone has
  2. Look for the corresponding IMEI number via the four digit code provided
  3. Using this number, order the phone code to get it unlocked
  4. Enter this code into your phone

Top Tip: You should only use a website that offers a 100% money back guarantee, so if the four digit code you are given doesn’t work, then you won’t be out of pocket.

An unlocked cellphone allows you to save money in the long run, despite the fact that you have to pay out for a phone in order to get started. There’s no subscription fee to pay, no limiting contract that can tie you into all kinds of charges and you can change your plan whenever you want; making it easy to be more flexible with your cellphone habits.

For Example: If you choose to go abroad, you don’t have to face eye-wateringly high charges for everything from texts to calls and there’s no need to panic if someone calls you. All you need to do is purchase a local SIM card to give you more coverage all over the world for less.

Let’s have a look at a summary of the top benefits of getting a phone unlocked:

  • It’s perfect for people who travel a lot
  • You can change your phone whenever you want
  • It makes the phone easier to sell on
  • You have the freedom to use different providers when it suits you

Unlocked phones can be customised to your heart’s content, as you will no longer be locked into having to use the pre-installed setting and apps and there are so many advantages to getting a phone unlocked compared to being trapped in a contract that it’s hard to fathom why anyone would restrict themselves.