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A planned activity with the aim of promoting a brand on social media is known as Social Media Optimization. It is a combination of SEO or Search Engine Optimization tools and social media techniques to come up with a systematic strategy to help in the promotion of a business online. SMO is one of the most effective ways of online marketing. Social media optimization helps your brand to reach a target audience online and creates appealing and interesting posts, articles, and so on so as to engage with the audience and initiate an online communication through sharing of opinion and information. When a user finds an interesting information, he is sure to share it with his contacts, who may share it with theirs. That means a share posted by you in Los Angeles can even reach China in a matter of seconds. That is the strength and potential of social media optimization. This immense reach will help not only in the popularity of your website but gives great visibility to your brand too.

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Use social media optimization smartly to increase traffic

Social media optimization is all about making your posts likeable. Since social media is used by many, businesses, writers, start-ups, fashion designers, artists and so on to bring more visibility to their product or work, it is important to use social media optimization wisely and smartly to drive more traffic to your page.  There are simple ways to ensure it:

Quality matters the most: It is important that you post quality topics that will engage the users and keep them motivated to visit your page again. If you have poor content on a regular basis, none of your visitors will bother to check again. Quality content will always work better than quantity. It is better to have an interesting and relevant post every week rather than post poor and non-sensible matters daily.

Customise your content to enable maximum sharing: Studies have proved that images give maximum impact on social media. Be it on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook or even Twitter, images draw readers immediately. Anyway, your posts, blog, etc., should be created in such a way that it is easy to share them on different social media platforms. Your website content too should have social media tags so that visitors can share the information easily.

Rework the content: Reuse and repurpose your content. For example, a content you have created on Slide Share can be shared on your blog by giving a link to the slide share page, and then the same blog can be posted on your social media pages. You can thus use the content of one platform effectively to create content on the other. You can create an infographic and share on Pinterest and you can give the link to the same on Twitter and Facebook. You can put up the infographic in a way that suits Instagram. Using the same info, you can even create a video that can be shared on YouTube. See, how simple it is. The purpose of this technique is to ensure maximum use of your content.