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You may already know some obvious advantages to CCTV security systems, such as being a deterrent to thieves and vandals (especially useful for empty buildings and construction sites that are unoccupied at night), acting as protection for a company’s employees, especially in situations where they are in contact with the public, and being able to settle disputes and determine the particulars of various incidents, accidents, and the like.

But what you may not be aware of is that CCTV security systems have other, lesser-known advantages as well. Here are a few of the key lesser-known technical and even economic advantages brought by a CCTV system:

Wireless technology

Nowadays, most security systems are quite advanced – and the same is true for CCTV systems. Most CCTVs operate using wireless technology, so this is already an advantage in itself. Because a CCTV system has wireless technology, there is no added risk that wiring can be cut or damaged. A CCTV system can continue operating without this risk, and you can rest easy at night knowing that no one will attempt to damage your system.

Clear, precise imaging

Untitled Another technological advancement which we can all be happy about, as security Oxford services like will tell you, is the preciseness and clearness of the images on most CCTV systems today. Most CCTVs you will find nowadays are capable of producing the best, most high-resolution images, which allow you to easily see what is going on – and, more importantly, who is involved. Even if the culprit is unrecognisable or unknown, you can still pinpoint certain physical marks or characteristics which can help the culprit be identified later on. Anyone who is monitoring the CCTV system can clearly and easily note down any behaviour which can be deemed suspicious as well.

A value-for-money system

Many companies still hesitate to purchase and install their own CCTV security system because of the mistaken impression that it will be expensive. Whilst this was most likely the case a decade or so ago, the same is not true today. In fact, in today’s more competitive market, you can purchase a CCTV security system – especially a wireless one – without having to worry about excessive costs. Plus, a CCTV system is relatively easy to install – just make sure you rely on a professional security installation service. A professional, compared to a non-professional, will know all the workings of the system, including network settings such as IP addresses, router settings, DDNS, and more. So it would also be in your best interest to look for a security system installation service that can give you all that you need whilst making sure the system is still user-friendly as well.

Without a doubt, purchasing a CCTV security system is still an investment – but it is a more-than-worthwhile investment in the end.