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Samsung Note 5 release date

Samsung is taking its Samsung Galaxy Note series to beyond other manufactures, Apple recently tried to go the phablet section with the iPhone 6 Plus and it got pretty fine success but the ruler remains the Samsung and this year, Samsung would shake the Android smart devices market with the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 release date.

However, there is a list of changes that people want to see in the new device after the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 release date. For example, the structure of the phone Note 4 is similar to the previous generations, few developments in this area beyond that from Samsung, step back and leave the microUSB 3.0 of Note 3 in favor of a microUSB 2.0 and list goes on, the need of something new could be defined as normal, not as the big expectation. Samsung has to do now or later, but he has to.

Other Standard features that were incorporated in the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 are fingerprint scanner, barometer, heart rate monitor and three microphones that work simultaneously to take voice notes, among others. The triple microphone is a feature that makes winning integers and it is quite impressive. And it would appear in the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and even the devices of Samsung that would be launching after the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 release date.

As of the display configuration is concerned, the present Galaxy Note 4 presents a screen of 5.7″ Super AMOLED, like its predecessor. In fact, it is the first of the Note that does not increase in size compared to the previous generation. It offers Quad HD resolution, or what are the same, 1,440 x 2,560 pixels, and laboratory testing has yielded results truly remarkable. The color gamut amounts to 140% of the sRGB space and in contrast few terminals equal it. As far as brightness is concerned, not defending anything wrong and, although not able to achieve the values ​​offered by the new iPhone 6, the truth is that 389 cd / m 2 is a figure for negligible. The pixel density amounts to 518 dpi, excessive figure but the truth is that if Samsung are able to manufacture screens so why not take advantage? No longer the card of all terminal and screen Galaxy Note 4 looks really sharp. And now Samsung plans for the even bigger vision, and we would see the 4K-resolution display in the smartphone this year. Yes, it is related to the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Samsung is moving with the thoughts of people and market researcher, and it does care about the profits too, for example in the market the Samsung Galaxy S6 is priced higher if we compare to the previous generation such devices.