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For small businesses, the idea of resorting to virtual assistants for improved productivity has gained some popularity lately. However, many people still remain uninformed (or misinformed) on how to hire one for better business outcomes. So, here is an Overview on How to Get the Best Out of Virtual Assistant Services.


1 Determine whether or not a virtual assistant will be suited to your business needs

For starters, figure out the tasks that you would like to delegate to an assistant. Also assess the cost effectiveness of assigning those tasks to one. It is better to analyse your daily business activities for at least a couple of weeks if not the whole month. This will help you conveniently identify the minor tasks that are overly consuming your precious time, so that these can be assigned to a virtual assistant.

2 Determine what suits you the most, hiring a freelancer or getting one from an agency

Apparently, there are two simple ways of getting a virtual assistant, i.e. hiring a freelancer or getting one from an agency. Both have their own pros and cons; one size fits all approach in this domain might not work well. There are many variables to consider before making a final decision, from size of the business to the tasks that need to be done. You have to decide what’s more important for you, mental satisfaction or cost effectiveness. You might get the services of a nominal virtual assistant quite cheaply, but would you be able to handle the glitches that might surface then. Or, you might hire an experienced but costly virtual assistant from reliable virtual staffing service if it is affordable and worthy enough for you. It varies from individual to individual, so analyse your particular situation comprehensively to make a better decision.

2 Do your homework to produce a great job listing

Remember, you will get the response based on how well you let people know what you need from them. So, while writing your job listing, do your homework and add as much precise details as you need to. One great trick is to add a call-to-action statement in your listing to gauge if the applicant has thoroughly gone through it or not. For example, you may ask the applicant to submit you examples of their work.

3 Hiring the right person

Whether you are looking to hire someone from platforms like oDesk or from a reputable virtual assistant service, you will have to make the most of the effort ultimately for your own good. So, make sure you personally interview your wannabe assistant over Skype at least once. If an individual or an agency seems hesitant about interview, you better stay away from them.

5 Managing the assistant

While hiring a virtual personal assistant can provide you with much needed break through the day, the burden remains on you in managing your resource efficiently. You will have to allocate and assign the desired tasks smartly. Initially, don’t hesitate in taking your time explaining the task to your assistant. With the passage of time, he or she will get accustomed to your style and it will take much less time eventually.


Only effective communication will lay the foundation of your successful relationship with your virtual personal assistant. So, you better keep in mind all these tips and communicate well with your virtual resource to make the best out of virtual assistant services.