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It was a big day for the business world when Microsoft bought LinkedIn, which is the No.1 career networking site in the world through an all-cash deal of $196 per share. In the press release a day later, both the companies assured that LinkedIn will remain the same with its unique brand and culture and will function independently under its new parent.

There are many reasons why LinkedIn agreed to this offer put forth by Microsoft for the merger. The stock pricing of LinkedIn was not doing quite well for sometime. Its business was also confronting many hurdles for quite some time and the growth was also limited. On the other hand, Microsoft finds it as a big catch in its competition with the other market leaders in people and professional networking for an enhanced market share.

Designers’ scope from this merger

This means, there is nothing changing for common LinkedIn users and the networks which flourished through this social media platform. However, as in case of many other industries and communities, this new deal has put forth an interesting array of possibilities for the designers and also to the concept of networking in general.

Here, we will discuss some of the major points to be noted by designers to make full use of this acquisition for their benefit.

  • LinkedIn is the number one professional networking site, which has a innumerable data of professionals of various sectors. So, for the designers, it will be made possible to gather all information about their potential clients by viewing their professional profile, background, resumes, and business goals. This will surely given an edge on making better presentations and win more business.
  • Cortana, Microsoft’s most personal digital assistant can assist individual to do things like seeing the schedules on the calendar, initiate reminders, and do many things on time. Cortana is still not in to full fledge, but it is for sure that Microsoft will be customising it to leverage the LinkedIn acquisition. The MS Office products will also be linked with Cortana.
  • Next big thing, which comes into help for designers is the integration of LinkedIn data on professionals with the Office 365 suite. It can offer a better experience to the designers who are looking to complete new projects to offer a better use experience to the clients. This is very much useful when dealing with dubious clients to get proper guidance, resources, and inspirations.
  • LinkedIn newsfeed is also found to be spotty in terms of it’s acceptance, which Microsoft is expected to transform into a useful feed to present more customised articles meant for the designers, which will be more relevant to the projects they have in hand. On the other hand, Office 365 can also recommend more personalised data and information based on the LinkedIn’s professional profiles, so that the designers can execute their projects with more quality and efficiency.

All in all, this deal has reassuring implications for the new-age designers who aim at taking their professional networking to next level. With LinkedIn and MS going hand in hand, the designers who use Microsoft Office 365 and other products also get access to more tools at their disposal, which helps the effective balancing of business relations and technical expertise much easier.