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Are you using Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn platforms for your business? If not, you’re missing out something! Facebook has 800 million active users globally while 300 million users follow Twitter. Today, customers have their own personal accounts in each and every social media platforms. Connecting or building relationship with customers through these channels is the key to business success. Businesses that use social media platforms turn skeptics into believers! Social media has emerged as the established formula for business success. This quickly-evolving marketing strategy has moved from the periphery of marketing to the forefront. However, many companies still work very hard to build their business social media profiles. Here are a few social media secrets unleashed to help your business grow in this competitive market:


  • Joining conversation not jumping into it!

To effectively engage with social media chatters through your Facebook or Twitter platforms, a business should remember that one-size never fits all. If someone has asked a question and tagged your business social media account, you can jump into conversation right there. When you’re not being invited to join any ongoing conversation, you can create and cultivate conversations by providing relevant information about your services that interests customers.

  • Posting twice a day is better than twice a week

The science behind sharing content on social platforms is based on the fact that people check their social accounts five or more times every day. Posting your business service information once or twice on Facebook or Google+ a day and 14 times on Twitter account can significantly increase your customer reach. Provide valuable information but don’t go overboard. There is a difference between being informative and annoying. Maintain a balance between the two!

  • The Call to Action

A company’s effort to post valuable information on its social accounts will go in vain, if it doesn’t create a sense of urgency. The biggest reason why your high quality content is not able to engage social media users is customer inaction. By increasing the urgency of the call to action will improve customer response. Use contextually relevant information and make your call to action stand out visually.

  • Utilizing the power of social sharing

Nearly 49% of customers share to inform others about products they like. Social media is not just a promotion platform. Your content should be motivating enough to encourage customers share your information. Use social sharing buttons such as “Pin This” or “ClickToTweet” to enable users share your information easily. For attracting more views to your content, add attractive images to your shares.

Social media has a strategic value for your business. Many organizations have been successful in increasing social media outreach by encouraging their employees to support the company on their personal social media accounts. This helped them to build a more socially engaged brand. Converting post views into sales is only possible when you create an enviable social strategy. The success of social media marketing cannot be replicated unless your business incorporates it in your own strategy.