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Your iPhone is a truly amazing little piece of tech.Just think, your very own unlocked iPhone comes from a prestigious line of phones that started the smartphone revolution. And yet that piece of revolution in your hands just shut off right in the middle of your call.Bummer.

While the iPhone remains the most famous phone on the market, it isn’t known for its strong battery life. Every new iteration gets a little better, but don’t hold out for a miracle. Who knows though, the iPhone 7 might blow us all away.

There are ways to improve your battery’s performance, some of them mean doing the opposite of what you do now – stay tuned – here’s some quick tips to get the most juice out of your battery before your phone dies and you can’t read the rest of this article.

Keep some of your files backed up

iCloud is Apple’s cloud storage that works smoothly across the board on all Apple products. When iCloud is turned on, your files, photos and saved data will automatically be backed up to your iCloud. This does come at a cost to your battery and means drainage when perhaps you don’t even want all your photos to be saved across your devices. In your settings go to iCloud and only switch on the items you want to keep safe.

Keep your apps open

I used to advise people to quit apps when they were done using them. Turns out I was giving people bad advice. I figured the apps were running the battery down in the background, but most apps stay dormant while not in use. What does drain the battery is double tapping the Home button all the time in order in order to quit the apps. Loading an app up is also power consuming.

Keep notifications at bay

The first time you open an app it will very likely ask you if you would like to receive Push notifications. What are Push notifications? These are in-app announcements that let you know when an update or purchase is available – never miss an opportunity to aim those angry birds at a whole new level of pigs. If these kind of warnings aren’t too essential to you, turn them off in the General Settings.

Keep screen brightness turned down to a tolerable level, make sure those apps don’t refresh – turn off app refresh – TURN DOWN THE VOLUME – and turn off your Bluetooth while not pairing any devices. Try these things in combination and you should see a marked difference.