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Cloud computing is becoming quickly popular in the business world and the question, if this new technology is appropriate for the small businesses as well is a common one to come up. Many owners of small businesses have the idea that cloud based services are designed only to meet the huge requirements of the bigger, established business; but in reality they miss out the point that the benefits a small business can reap from cloud computing is even more than the big businesses can get from this technology.

To put in simpler words cloud computing is a technology that enables a business to store and share information, data and other resources from a cloud instead of a locally placed physical server. Cloud computing can prove very beneficial for small businesses and they can efficiently meet the particular needs of the small business owners. How cloud computing can help small businesses has been elaborated in the next part,

  • Cost effectiveness: This is the first question that comes in mind of the small business owners while considering a new technology for their business. Small businesses need solutions that are not very expensive and yet can serve the purpose efficiently. The cloud based services can actually be the most ideal solution in this case. Cloud services enable the businesses to share resources and they come without any major hardware, set up or installation cost and hence can be very cost effective for small businesses.
  • Flexibility: For small businesses flexibility is a must and no other technology than cloud can give the maximum flexibility to a business.Cloud services enable the business to operate with minimum resources and increase their resources as they grow. This flexibility is inherent to cloud services and comes without any additional cost.
  • Security: For the bigger business houses it is not really a problem to employ all the measures to ensure the best security of the servers and the data stored in them. However, for the smaller businesses the same thing can be a real burden. The cloud computing database comes with maximum security features and the businesses do not actually need to spend anything in extra to ensure the best safety of their business data stored in the cloud.
  • Maintenance: For smaller companies it is not really possible to maintain an in-house IT team to support the various maintenance needs of the servers and databases. By using the cloud computing services small businesses can completely eliminate the headache of regular server upgrades and maintenance.


So, if you are an owner of a small business, this is the high time to move to cloud.