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In the highly competitive smartphone market, where even Sony and LG are struggling to mark their sway, you’d have to start looking for some better options, right? Well, Huawei is making the most of this opportunity, and has introduced its latest flagship the Honor 7 at a tempting price bracket!

If the Honor 7 is anything to go by, Huawei is a lot more than a Chinese smartphone manufacturer. The metal-clad phone is not a perfect Galaxy S6 killer, but at a tempting price tag of Rs. 22,999, the phone offers much more than you expect: good looks, fast performance, and snappy fingerprint sensor.


Although Huawei’s Emotion UI is no friendly, but if you prefer living different way, Honor 7 makes up just the right thing for you. Here are some of the features that make it completely unique in the mid-range segment!

A Premium flagship with just a few quirks

In the sub 25k category, Huawei Honor 7 fits perfectly as one of the only few smartphones thathavemanaged to offer a good form-factor with a premium metal body. The 5.2-inch display of this smartphone fits nicely, and gives an excellent user-experience with a subtle touch of class embraced from the sandblasted metal plate on the rear.

The beautiful back plate also incorporates a responsive fingerprint sensor, which performs seamlessly while locking or waking up the phone.Overall, the unibody design concept from Huawei looks extremely beautiful, and is perfectly complimented by the element of sapphire glass camera lens. The Honor 7 is nothing but a crafty beauty!

Immerse yourself in full-HD

The feature which really cements Honor 7 in the mid-range segment is its beautifully crafted5.2-inch IPS NEO capacitive full HD display. The metal-clad device offers an impeccable viewing experience, and is just as good as the Sony Xperia Z5.

It offers perfect viewing angles with rich and vibrant colors, and makes a strong impression against a big bunch of high-end quad-HD smartphones. The blacks are deep, colors are rich and images look well detailed, even from a super-extreme angle. So, for a 23k phone, the sturdy and beautiful NEO-IPS panel is just a no brainer!

Performance at its very best

Where Snapdragons and MediaTek’s are struggling with thermal glitches and subsequent lagging, Huawei’s very own HiSilicon Kirin processor is having a crack at them with perfection. The Honor 7 powers up by an octa-coreHiSilicon Kirin 935 CPU, and delivers spot on performance, even when running heaviest of the games. It plays neck to neck with top-tier processors, and with an added advantage from 3GB RAM, makes an exceptional package for gamers and performance lovers.

Capture magic moments just as you like

In the camera department, the Honor 7 offers a 20 MP rear autofocus shooter with dual LED flash, fast focus, HDR, panorama, and a bunch intuitive yet new features such as, food mode, slow motion, lighting painting etc. It works exactly as promised and captures crisp shots in just half a second. Whether the subject is stationary or moving, it manages to capture decent frames without lags or glitches. Even in low light and low light, it performs admirably and delivers high-res images with natural color tones.

As for selfie-lovers, the 8-megapixel snapper featured on the front-panel does a commendable job. It’s a fixed focus camera, offering sharp and vibrant images with truly beautiful colors.

Responsive Fingerprint Sensor

The innovative fingerprint sensor equipped with the Honor 7 adds a few impressive features to count on. It does a lot more than just locking/unlocking your phone, and can also be used for snapping photos, answering calls, stopping an alarm, or catching up on notifications.However, it’s important to note that these features are disabled initially, and you’d have to customize different responses through the settings option. It will cater your needs seamlessly, and will also keep other features from triggering unnecessarily.

Android 5.0 Lollipop, and an upgrade to the next level

Although Huawei’s Emotion UI is one of the most hated custom skins, Honor 7 has given a ray of sunshine with a bunch improvements this time. The Android 5.0 Lollipop based Emotion UI 3.1 looks good, and is likely to improve further with Android 6.0 Marshmallow making its way real soon.

The interface lacks an app drawer, but everything is split evenly on the home-screen without any clutter.It looks a little different from Vanilla Android, but includes a plethora of intuitive features such as, the glove mode, gesture input, voice wakeup, onehanded input, and a lot more. So, despite having a dark background, Huawei is making a strong comeback with its improved and slick UI.

Stamina like no other

Even in terms of power efficiency, the Honor 7 makes a very strong impression. The metal-clad device houses a 3100 mAh battery and performs adequately even on heaviest usage. It offers sufficient power backup for gamers and movie-buffs, and makes up a perfect package keeping things up and running with no snags whatsoever.

If you have a long weekend ahead, the Honor 7 will come out as the perfect companion for your ride!

Tempting price tag

As mentioned before, the Huawei Honor 7 makes up a great package at an enticing price tag. The device tops on the bang for the buck scale, and delivers an ultimate user experience and an unbelievable price. No doubt, Huawei is following the trend set by OnePlus, but again, it’s just so perfect from the Chinese tech-giant!

In a nutshell, all these features make Huawei Honor 7 one of the finest choices in the lucrative budget segment. The device packs a strong punch against the likes of devices like OnePlus 2 and Moto X Play, and is currently available for purchase exclusively on Flipkart. Also, it’s worthy to note that the Honor 7 is bundled with a bunch of offers, and is sitting perfectly as one of the most favored phones in the competitive budget market. It gets full marks in all categories!