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Your business’s image is vital to achieving success and it’s something that should be taken seriously across the board, whether it’s your shop interior, poster design or advertisement. Businesses who can reflect a unique brand essence via high quality design can achieve household name status. Just look at some of the largest companies out there and you can see how true this is.

Apple has the iconic but simple logo that is instantly recognisable by almost everybody, and the simple white background they utilise often makes it vivid to see. McDonald’s has had the famous golden arches for decades and they continue to thrive, and it’s equally important that your business conveys an image that is instantly recognisable so that customers will associate it with high quality services.

However, as important as your logo design and overall image is, equally as important is the look of your website’s homepage. Many businesses nowadays rely on online sales to make a profit, and your homepage can be make or break for some potential customers. Below, we’ll give you a few tips on how to make an impact with your homepage. Alternatively, you could trust the experts at to do the hard work for you.

Don’t Overload Your Homepage With Text

Keeping it simple is key – within reason, of course. However, you definitely don’t want your homepage to look ‘loud’ and convoluted. The idea is that you want customers to navigate around your website and ultimately, give you some of their hard-earned cash. Your homepage needs to concisely explain your services while enticing enough interest to urge users to read more. If the first thing a user sees when visiting your site is a page packed with text, they’re likely to look elsewhere.

The Same Goes For Design

Having just the right amount of text is key, but at the same time, a design that is too intricate might push users to search elsewhere. Having a full-page video on your homepage may seem like a funky and modern idea, but if it distracts users from what you have to offer, you might end up losing a sale. The most successful designs tend to be simple but hard-hitting.