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Businesses or websites grow a lot through traffic and visits. And given the ever-rising nature and popularity of social media, no business can afford to miss out on the traffic from these sources. Your website can benefit a lot when a viable social media marketing strategy is put in place for it. And traffic from social platforms like Facebook and Twitter will depend a lot on the way the marketing strategy is designed and implemented.

From the structuring of your social posts to engagement quotient of the blogs, you need to take care of all the aspects to benefit more from as vast marketplace as social sites. In a sense, you need to have a solid strategy in place to leverage the potential of social platforms and get more traffic driven towards your website. It’d help a lot if your business or website considers some of below discussed points to get the best and most out of social media.

Give more focus to visual content 

Results prove that visual content catches more attention across digital mediums and bring more benefits to brands. Unlike simple and plain texts, it’s always a beneficial   strategy to include videos, images and graphics etc. to catch more attention and engage more users. Both the social sites Facebook and Twitter help deliver more traffic when the content or posts or messages is laced with visual materials.

Create interesting content 

Traffic will depend a lot on the kind of interesting content your social posts provide to users. If your content or posts don’t induce any action out of users, forget about any gains. Right from the headline to the body text, you got to be innovative as only quality and actionable materials have any real chance of bringing the traffic benefits.

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Identify top keywords and be around them

Whether it’s Facebook or Twitter or any other social platform, each one of them has a specific set of keywords than perform a lot better than the rest. You need to identify those high conversion keywords to get a boost to the traffic. Once your social posts start using these words more accurately, you start gaining a lot of benefit on the traffic front.

Being social will help

Being social and extending the horizon helps a lot at a time when everyone has gone socializing. So, start with embedding niche-specific social sharing buttons in your site. It’d help a lot if you could join relevant communities and take part in the proceedings. You should try to gain respect in the community, never shy away from helping others there, follow more people and above all, get an attention-grabbing profile made and shared across channels.

Leverage the power of hashtags

The trend of hashtags was started and popularised by Twitter and in recent times, Facebook too joined the party. With two top social sites bringing the feature of hashtags, you should be familiar its vast importance. Reports suggest that social posts and updates using hashtags not only expand the reach but also help find new set of customers. It means, using hashtags in your social posts can bring a lot of attention and advantages to your website.

Understand the attention span of users 

Users on social networks won’t give attention to those updates or feeds that are a way too long for their comfort. On the other hand, they love to read and engage with shorter updates. So being precise and understanding the lack of time, or value of time, at users will work.


It’s obvious that the role of social media experts has become key at a time when users are turning more specialized and finicky. So, hire only the expert and benefit from the domain expertize to drive more traffic to your website.