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As a Freshmail subscriber you have access to a vast array of responsive newsletter templates. These templates are including as part of the service and are all extremely well designed and fully responsive.

One of the first templates that you will see on the Freshmail site is called Freshform and is slightly different to your average email newsletter template. The Freshform template allows you to easily capture details from your subscribers. The template comes with a fully customisable form that can be used to capture all sorts of different details from your subscribers such as their age, gender and even their shopping preferences.

Because the Freshformemail template is fully responsive it can easily be displayed on all types of different devices including PCs, Laptops, phones and tablets. This is great because it provides an easy way to capture details when directly interacting with your customers. For example this template can be used with a tablet device and taken out to customer facing locations. With the tablet you can then speak to potential customers and take information from them. Using the Freshform template in this way provides a really functional way of collecting details but it also makes you look extremely professional whilst doing so.

The great thing about this newsletter template is the fact that it can also be used offline. This is really good if you are meeting customers or potential clients in locations where the Internet is not always available. You can then use the template to capture details and they can be uploaded at a latest stage when the Internet is available.

As with all of the newsletter templates that are available on the Freshmail website this template is fully customisable. This means that not only can you change the types of input fields that are available but many other features as well. If you would like the form to match with your company branding then you can modify the layout and the color scheme accordingly. Perhaps you would prefer to have a little more information with the template – that isn’t a problem at all; using the Freshmail designer you can fully customise the layout and overall design of the template using the drag and drop user interface. This means that you can customise every last detail of the template without any coding knowledge at all.