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Around 51 percent of all the mobile apps downloaded in the first quarter of 2013 were for Android, according to Canalys. This goes to show that Android is one of the most popular mobile phone platforms in the world. The popularity of third party applications is also on the upsurge. These apps are nowadays easily available from an app stores, such as, Google Play and the Amazon Appstore. You can also download and install the application’s APK file from the third-party site. Android offers a large of number of apps that can be used for specific purposes. Starting from health related apps to the ones particularly designed for the kids; you will find a wide variety of these apps on this operating system. Even when you travel, your Android device can be quite useful. In fact, the device could be your perfect travel companion, thanks to the huge number of remarkable travel apps it includes. Read on to know about some of the best Travel android apps.

Top Travel Android Apps

There are a number of travel Android apps to take care of almost all your travel related needs – be it finding a suitable hotel or booking your air tickets. When you buy mobile phone online, you can look for an Android phone that comes with some highly functional travel apps. You can also download your preferred apps on your handset later on. Here are some of the top travel apps for android!

Best Travel Android Apps- Apps

  1. TripIt Travel Organizer: This app literally organizes the trip for you. Let it access your Google account and it will pull out the travel emails and form a detailed itinerary for you. If you don’t want the app to sniff around your inbox, just email your travel related confirmation emails to and let it do the rest. The app will create a travel plan and also sync it with your phone’s calendar.
  2. Expensify: It is a must have app for the business travellers and is extremely helpful for them. It enables you to scan your receipts and arrange it in the expense reports of your choice. Just click the picture of the receipts and the app’s SmartScan technology will read it, leaving out any manual entry. Even if you have lost your receipts the app will import the transactions made by your credit card for the purchases of under $75 and create an IRS guaranteed eReceipt.
  1. Hipmunk: It is the easy travel planner that can book flight tickets and make hotel reservations for you. Not just that! You can find the lowest airfares and you can even get great discounts even with the last minute hotel reservations. You can even search and find flights with the shortest travel time and layovers. With the graphs and heat maps used by the app, you can actually visualize your trip.
  2. Poynt: With a friendly user-interface, Poynt can help you find and book nearby entertainment shows, movies, restaurants and much more. You don’t have to worry about being in a new place; the app will get you to the kind of place you wish to visit.
  3. Google Translate: The app helps you understand 63 different languages. When in a new place, you can translate the text in the local language. If you wish to translate some written text just click a picture of it via Google Goggles and you will be good to go.

These amazing travel apps not only help you when travelling to a new place, but also make the whole experience much more enjoyable and memorable. Life becomes just so easy with these android apps. So the next time you buy mobile online, consider getting yourself an android device with mobile accessories online which can keep your mobile working for you.