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If your website doesn’t have good traffic in spite of quality content and attractive web design most probably you have not implemented proper keyword strategy on your site. Keywords are the search queries through which people look for information. Though Google keeps changing its algorithm leading to new SEO trends, the role of keywords remains critical in deciding the traffic and ranking of a website. This blog will guide you on how to find and use the most profitable keywords for your website.

How to do Keyword Research

Keyword research is the essential step in building the strong foundation of your website. It is imperative to work on right keywords to appear in relevant web searches and reach to potential customers. To find a set of relevant keywords you need to analyze your business and current industry trends.

Analyze Your Business


 “What keywords should I target?” Every website owner has faced this question at some point of time. You have created a website for your business so the keywords should also be focused on your business. For this, you have to analyze and understand your website thoroughly. For example, if you are into travel industry so you should choose keywords as per the travel packages you provide.

Research Major Business Terms

Research is the key of success before you finalize keywords for your website do an extensive research on your industry and competitors. Look at their keyword strategy and emerging industry trends. You will gain an insight on what works in your industry and capitalize on those things. Here the point is not to follow the footprints of your competitors but to formulate a winning strategy based on research and analysis.

Think like a customer

You may have heard the phrase “Keep Yourself in shoes of Customer” that is to think and feel like a customer. What phrases a customer choose to key in Google when searching for information for a product that you sell? It is a simple method to come up with innovative ideas as we all are customers at some point.

Long tail keywords

The online world is highly competitive; you will find several websites already established and ranking high for primary keywords of your business. It is hard to beat them instantly what you can do it to target more specific and long tail keywords. For example, travel is a high competition primary keyword whereas Delhi travel package and cheap travel package of Delhi are long tail keywords. You would not find much competition on such keywords and your website will get only relevant visitors.

Keyword Research Tools


The work of keyword research has become easy with the help of various efficient tools. The name of Google Keyword Planner comes first in the mind when we think of keyword research. This tool provides you historical statistics of a keyword with estimated competition and cost of the advertisement. It is a widely used tool and has high important for several reasons. First it is a Google product and has a robust database system; you can find comprehensive details about any keyword used on the Internet. Since it is integrated with Google Adword tool you can easily launch a campaign. Further, you can find what keywords your competitors use. Apart from Google Keyword Planner Wordstream, Wordtracker, Serpstate and Keyword Eye are some other good keyword tools.

Keyword research is the one of essential needs of a website. It supplies information to users and traffic to websites. So the use of right keyword at the right place is imperative from SEO perspective. The visibility and ranking of your website increase after implementation of correct keyword and you get relevant traffic.


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