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Nearly 5,000 more homes in Oxfordshire will be able to benefit from superfast broadband as the plans to fund better broadband are rolled out further across the county. The rollout will allow more homes and business to access superfast broadband, making it easier to surf the net, stream movies, and connect to several different internet devices at the same time. Business can benefit from being more connected and being able to work more productively. In order to take advantage of these developments in Oxford, your business website needs to be top-notch. Take a look at your site and see how it can be improved with these key rules for effective web design.


  1. The 5-Second Rule

This rule states that you have around five seconds to tell people what you do. If you don’t do this within five seconds the chances are the person will quickly take themselves out of the site and try somewhere else. As broadband gets faster in Oxford it is even easier for people to flick through sites quickly – you need to state your value proposition with images and text as quickly and effectively as possible.

  1. The Homepage Rule

Make your homepage short, concise and highly relevant. The homepage is not the place for long messages or cluttered design. Keep the homepage simple and direct with clear language and a clear call to action.

  1. The Call to Action

According to web design Oxford experts, this is the rule that many small businesses consistently break. You need a clear and direct call to action which lets people know what they need to do next – Buy Now, or Call for an Appointment Today, for example. Don’t make people guess what you want them to do. Have the call to action at the top of the page so people don’t need to scroll to see it.

  1. The Freshness Rule

People don’t generally trust websites where the content is so out of date it looks like the business is no longer active. If your news page has items from 2013 at the top of the list and you are still trading, it is time to update your content. Fresh content implies service, activity, and usefulness. Out of date websites drive people elsewhere.

  1. Need to Build Trust

Another way to build trust when you want people to buy from you is to include customer testimonials, reviews, and links to sites where people give reviews of your product. It also helps to include a link for contacting a person at your company who can help with any questions or queries.

  1. The Active Social Media Link

Using social media is the best way to build brand awareness and communicate directly with the people who are interested in your product. Your social media presence should be current, fast-moving, and responsive to what’s happening in your sector or in the lives of your customers.