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Generally two types of mobile connections are available- Prepaid and Postpaid. Prepaid in which user needs to pay the money in advance and then use the services. Postpaid in which the user first uses the services and then pays for the services. There are different scenarios for using different type of connection. Many people prefer for postpaid connections. But in India people believe in using prepaid connection over postpaid connection. The 5 reasons for choosing a prepaid connection are listed below.


  1. Economic factor

When a user uses a prepaid connection his hands are tied. Everyone has a budget set for each task. So in case of using mobile also a budget is set. A prepaid connection helps the user to maintain his budget. Whereas when ser uses postpaid he never knows about his usage of phone and may exceed his budget. Moreover in India people have unstable income. So from economic point of view prepaid connection is more preferred in India.

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  1. Easy to get

It is very easy to get a prepaid connection as compared to postpaid connection. For a prepaid connection, you just need to submit documents and within a couple of hours the number will get activated. Whereas in case of postpaid connection, there is a long procedure to take a new connection and it takes long time to activate the number. Prepaid connection is available at user convenience. This is the reason why Indian users prefer prepaid connections.

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  1. Less expensive

In prepaid connections there are many plans available. And postpaid connections have limited plans. Prepaid plans are less costly as compared to postpaid plans.

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  1. Ease of use

In prepaid connections user can activate some offers for a day and then deactivate it. This is not possible in postpaid connection. In postpaid connection to avail any service it is to be used for a month. So a prepaid connection is easy to use as per user conditions.

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  1. No extra charges

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In prepaid connections, user does not need to pay any extra charges or taxes. The full advantage of amount can be taken. Postpaid connections are costlier as compared to prepaid connections. Moreover in prepaid connections user does not get tied up with contract. No extra surcharges, added taxes are to be paid in prepaid connections.

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