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5 prerequisites for mobile app development

Mobile application development these days is not just limited to iOS App development but has also moved to android App development. The experts are creating mobile applications to make them work on various mobile platforms. Over the years, there has been an increase in demands for creating awesome apps and android is no behind. There is an increase in number of people using android smartphones.

The experts have concluded that there are a few requirements for mobile app development. This post will concentrate on the pre-requisites of mobile app development. Read them below.


Security data is not the same for all platforms. However, it is crucial for mobile application development. There has been a constant leakage of data. Enterprises need to conform to the security policies that prevent data leakage.

User friendliness

This is one such requirement that is usually over-looked. But this is one such element that carries more importance, even more than the look of the app.

It is important that the user should be able to use the app himself rather than read a long list of guidelines. They must be able to learn the functionalities conveniently.

There must a balance between usability and protecting data. Enterprises should look into the matter that the security issues are not creating problem for the users. An app could be a failure or a success and this will be evident from the negative responses in the app store.


Mobile apps should be designed in such a way that can easily work in different mobile platforms. When the app is used on a particular Wi-Fi network and is suddenly used on another, there could be connectivity issues. These issues can lead to negative responses and thus drop down on sales for an app.


Accessibility includes all text attributes, images, graphs, voice, font sizes, color and readability of the text which help the people to use the application in a better manner. These elements help build a better mobile application and must not be overlooked.


Mobile applications face a lot of interruptions while working. There could be incoming messages or calls, less of memory space and low battery issues. It is not a wise decision to leave the interruptions untreated. This could also lead to customer dissatisfaction. Interruption settings need to be right in order to smooth functioning of the mobile and the app.

Therefore these interruptions should be taken care of while mobile app development.


Can you think of any other prerequisites of mobile app development? Please feel free to share them in the comment box below.

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