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If you work in marketing you are probably under considerable pressure to generate leads every day. An effective web presence, better relationships with clients, and great social media interaction are all important but at the end of the day, your business needs leads. Leads mean sales, and sales mean profits. Fortunately the development of online strategies for lead generation means it is easier to turn online activity into viable leads. Here´s what you need to know about online lead generation today.


  1. Your Landing Page is Critical

Visitors may arrive at your page from a number of different places and for different reasons. They all need to see a landing page that tells them why your company will make a difference to their lives, and what they need to do to drive the relationship forward. Your landing page should be uncluttered, clear, attractive, and with a clear message and contact form. Use one call to action per landing page for optimum Lead Generation effects.

  1. Lead Generation Services are always valuable

Whether you are building a Lead Generation Strategy  from scratch, or developing a new strategy for a new product or service, it always helps to have some extra lead generation input in the form of a specialist lead generation service, for example from Ocere. Outsourcing digital lead generation can form part or all of your lead generation strategy, and can be adjusted as you develop your own leads or move into different markets.

  1. Don´t Forget About Email

Email marketing as part of a lead generation strategy is often underutilised. But email marketing must be effective in order to bring results. People have cluttered inboxes at the best of times – your emails need to really stand out. You need effective strategy and you need to continually test your email response rate in order to refine and develop your strategy.

  1. Social Media Drives Leads

But, again, social media is not going to give you much unless you deal with it strategically. You need to understand what you are trying to achieve and who you are trying to reach. As no one has unlimited time it helps to break down how much of your working day you are going to devote to different channels. And again, you need to test in order to make sure your strategy is working.

  1. Don´t Go for the Hard Sell

When it comes to lead generation you shouldn´t be selling, selling, selling – aim for education, entertainment, or information. You can give clients and customers valuable information that will help them live their lives, and will let them know that you are the people to meet their needs. Once you have built relationships based on these principles people are more likely to buy what you are ultimately selling.