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Since its inception, Apple has developed products which have changed the way people live and go about their daily tasks. The founder Steve Jobs always believed in developing new concepts when his competitors were busy focusing on sleekness and physical beauty, the developers at Apple were looking for ways in which they can automate the simple everyday processes. Below are the ten most impressive gadgets from Apple that have changed the way people go about their businesses.


The idea behind an iPhone was to have a phone, an iPod and a communication gadget in one. This was the first smartphone in the market after attempts such as Blackberries and Nokia phones, which after the iPhone was launched became a bit unpopular. iPhones changed people’s lives and made communication much easier that before. These are breaking tech news.

Apple 1

This was the first modern computer to be developed by Apple and the first one in the entire industry not to use switches and lights. Initially, computers came in kits and input and output devices such as monitors and keyboards were yet to be invented. Apple 1 was the first to introduce such devices and even had the capacity to connect to the cassette recorders that were used to record music back in the days.


The iMAC was also a first of its kind invention that for the first time came without the floppy disk drive and at the same time introduced the USB port in place of expansion cards. Its main focus was on the internet connectivity and is believed to be the machine that brought the closer internet home. It brought a revolution to the tech world and kept other players in the industry busy trying to come up with similar products.


Before the introduction of an iPad, most people believed that they technologically complete with their smartphones. When it was launched the sales on laptops started going down immediately since this was more portable and more functional. As far as computing is concerned, there is almost nothing you cannot do with your iPad, yet it is compact enough to be carried in the pocket.

The Graphical user interface

The GUI brought a revolution on how people interacted with the computers by introducing the mouse technology. This was not Apple’s invention, but they take the credit for bringing it closer to the users all over the world by distributing it with their Apple Lisa computer.

Steve notes

Steve Jobs was widely known for passing down wise words to his listeners, and this was because he was a great researcher and a man totally dedicated to his course. He used to get his messages across in the simplest way and still maintain humor. Most industry leaders in the current world have emulated his leadership style and to make this possible, Apple invented the MacBook Air, a gadget that is loaded with wisdom from the legendary leader.

iPod and iTunes

iPod was the first portable device to have the capacity to hold thousands of songs at a go with iTunes being the supporting software. iTunes would convert the music and videos into formats supported by iPods, and this ensured that you would carry your favorite music with you wherever you go.


Apple did not invent the WiFi, but they were the first Company to develop a gadget that automatically connects to WiFi. This is the iBook which was the first invention under the Airport wireless innovation station. Before this connecting to the wireless internet from home was a very expensive process.

Apple TV

Most households nowadays have access to the low-cost wireless internet and with the digital migration in TV signals, the Apple TV gadget comes in handy. This provides live streaming of all entertainment and news channels and for this reason, viewers can access a wide range of information from all over the world. They are now more in control of what they are watching because they have access to variety.

The App Store

When iPhones were first developed, they came without applications, and this posed a great challenge to the users. Apple’s App store was developed, and despite complains that the approval process during app installation was long, this was necessary to curb Scams and Malware. Apple Apps come with low prices and are only exclusive to Apple devices.

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