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Lavrov, Kerry hail progress in Syrian ceasefire更多>>
In the coming five years, Xi added, China is expected to import trillion of goods, attract 0 billion of foreign investment, and make 750 billion dollars of outbound investment, and Chinese tourists will make 700 million overseas visits. 2020-10-22
But a CET 6 certificate is helpful in looking for a job, so I have to continue taking the exam until I pass. 2020-10-31
The US has imposed sanctions against some Russians to punish Moscow for the annexation of Crimea from Ukraine, and says it is ready to adopt harsher measures if Russia intervenes further to destabilize Ukraine. 2020-10-8
Chen Jining, minister of environmental protection, said at a news conference earlier this month that fighting air pollution in winter in North China has become the priority in the countrys smog-control efforts. 2020-10-13
Wolfgang Kubin, a sinologist at Bonn University in Germany, previously criticized Mos writing as outmoded and without independent thought. 2020-10-16
Rescuers help a worker who had been trapped in the tunnel of the Jilin-Hunchun High-Speed Railway, in Hunchun, April 5. 2020-10-3
An employee scans a quick response (QR) code displayed on Alipay app at a store in Hong Kong. 2020-10-4
6 percent of GDP; Current account balance to GDP ratio dropped to 1. 2020-10-22
Frances Macron says nationalism is no response to coronavirus pandemic更多>>
I really thank the government and the people who helped me get the job. 2020-10-7
Despite the relative slowdown in their economies, the BRICS states still have 44 percent of the worlds population, abundant natural and human resources, vast markets, and huge growth potential. 2020-10-1
Such hardships have led to a shortage of teachers in the countryside. 2019-12-10
Cabins on the port side had yet to be reached, said Koh, who represents the government-wide disaster response headquarters. 2017-8-25
Hu Xia, 29, and her 2-year-old daughter at their destroyed house in Wuxing. 2015-11-15
We hope students will distinguish religious extremism from normal religion and improve their ability to analyze terrorist organizations before they start work, because increasing anti-terrorism awareness is more helpful and important for them to tackle terror attacks, he said. 2015-2-31
The first stop was Brazil, where he attended the sixth BRICS leaders meeting, followed by a formal state visit. 2016-10-6
NANCHANG - A man has been detained over his repeated threats that he would kill children in response to a salary dispute, local sources said Tuesday. 2018-3-11
The number of gifts they gave fell by 25 percent in 2013, and the average cost of the gifts also decreased, according to the 10th Chinese Luxury Consumer Survey released Thursday by the Hurun Research Institute, which follows the lifestyles of the richest people in China.
I saw the travellers in worlds of their own but moving together and adjusting to each other, getting on and off, sitting and standing, but very little talking to anybody but the companions they came with.
At least three families said that babies born at the hospital in 2006 and 2007 were taken away by Zhang, who informed them that their newborns had congenital diseases that could not be cured and would be expensive to treat.
Yang Jianhua, a researcher with the Academy of Social Sciences of Zhejiang, said the government, house owner, and the developer are all equal, and they should resolve disputes through negotiations.
Downpours brought about 90 millimeters of rainfall to the county, forcing the relocation of more than 3,000 students.
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The data also indicates that the era of double-digit decline in some parts of Western Europe is over and some markets including Italy, which had declined by 10.  The countrys roads are full of travelers as Chinese people are enjoying an eight-day Golden Week holiday that bridges Mid-Autumn Festival on September 30 and the National Day holiday from October 1 to October 7.
The government set 15 yuan as the national average as a result of a nationwide estimate, meaning that the expenditure for commercial insurance is unlikely to put pressure on rural insurance funds, said Zhu.  Though many free tests target male homosexuals, heterosexual transmission should also not be ignored, as some male students buy sexual services, according to Chen.
Flamingos rest along the Yellow River in Qinghai更多>>
[Provided to China Daily]BEIJING - Chinas major industrial firms continued to post double-digit growth in profits in March, adding to signs of a stabilizing Chinese economy, official data showed Thursday. 2018-9-5 
8 trillion) last year, with per capita spending around 23,095 yuan. 2018-8-7 
Chai said the new draft kept this part. 2018-3-29 
Wang Jianmin / XinhuaThe value of trade in Chinas goods in 2013 is set to exceed that of the United States, making the worlds second-largest economy the worlds top trader for the first time, certainly in modern times. 2015-1-18 
Deng Yanzi in Hong Kong contributed to this storyContact the writer at zhaoshengnan@. 2017-12-29 
At the G20 Hangzhou Summit, China contributed its wisdom and solutions to addressing global issues, Xi said. 2018-12-1 
I hope the collaboration will enable both HNA and Chengdu to take off. 2015-6-22 
  Forbidden City to close for 13 days更多>>
I accuse them of openly hosting leaders of al-Qaida and Takfirists (extremists), he said in the interview when asked about possible Saudi and Qatari links to the violence. 2019-8-17 
Chinese investment in the US outstripped US investment in China for the first time in 2015, according to the Rhodium Group, a New York-based consultancy. 2018-5-9 
4 percent of the global market share, and Apple with 13. 2015-11-9 
By Tuesday night, 40,000 yuan had been donated to the farming family, who have a large amount of debt because of Fus condition, according to the Hangzhou-based Qianjing Evening News, which first reported Fus story. 2018-11-31 
There is no exception around the world, said spokesman for the Defense Ministry Geng Yansheng. 2019-1-18 
The results will come out in late June. 2015-9-22 
Founded in 2000, the company turned a profit by taking and processing bear bile for medical powders, capsules and other products. 2015-9-6 
Fresh delays hit Chinese groups bid to buy AC Milan更多>>
Guo Shengkun, head of the National Narcotics Control Commission, has called for a peoples war to stop the spread of drugs, Xinhua News Agency reported. 2019-4-19 
This conforms to descriptions of Empress Xiao in Chinese history books. 2016-11-22 
Nearly 19 percent of male students and 11 percent of female students in Beijing were obese in 2010, the report said. 2016-8-1 
Sales assistants at the store gave him a promotional pamphlet about the product and said the fish oil capsules, produced by Guangzhou-based By-Health Co, would help remedy his ailments. 2018-10-14 
The first one that impressed him was given by Xi at the College of Europe in the picturesque Belgian city of Brugge, where Van Rompuy is still teaching, when Xi wrapped up his first tour to West Europe as Chinese president in early 2014. 2019-12-8 
The Beijing education authoritys directive that school students exercise for an hour each day during the coming summer vacation to ensure good health may fail to have much effect, despite a 20 percent obesity rate among the citys school children. 2018-4-23 
Nie Feng is with the irrigation department in Dalian. 2016-8-22 
After almost 11 years, she has established herself as a respected pole dancer in Chongqing. 2019-1-24 
  China welcomes the world for shared future in new era更多>>
If you look at it from an economic point of view - and you look at the way it connects us with the governments own plans for northern Australian development - it would seem pretty logical to sign up. 2016-3-27 
Regulation will draw a clear line on areas to be encouraged, forbiddenChina plans to introduce its first regulation on making outbound direct investments later this year to clarify and define the range of overseas investments, as well as listing prohibited areas and other essential factors, according to a report by Beijing-based newspaper the Economic Information Daily on Tuesday. 2016-3-23 
She truly was a special gift from God and touched a lot of lives. 2016-2-3 
A student writes in a classroom wearing a thick coat due to the cold weather in Dahua Yao autonomous prefecture in Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, Dec 26, 2012. 2016-12-10 
Zoo keeper killed by tigersA patrolman working for the Beijing Badaling Wildlife Park was killed by Bengal tigers inside the tiger zone, the Zoo confirmed on Friday. 2018-4-27 
Ukraines Parliament voted unanimously on Thursday to create a new National Guard of 60,000 volunteers, which, according to RIA Novosti, would incorporate protesters who took part in violent rallies in Kiev that led to the ousting of former president Viktor Yanukovych. 2019-7-25 
Shillers theories highlight the risks of asset bubbles in China and the need to take corrective action Nobel laureate and Yale University professor Robert Shiller was one of the first global economists to talk about the runaway risks in Chinas spiraling property prices, a matter that has been of considerable interest in China recently. 2017-12-21 
Lanza killed himself as police arrived at the school. 2018-5-5 
Beijings iconic Qianmen street to promote intangible cultural heritage更多
China Development Forum 2015更多
  The storm was responsible for at least two deaths. The system gradually became a hotbed for corruption as the process is not strictly standardized. Downstairs were restaurants, shops and entertainment rooms, and those who were there are feared to have failed to escape. Rather than attacking other countries, China, as official statistics show, is one of the major victims of cyberattacks. 5 and PM10, and spraying them into the air, and then they could combine with the dust and fine particles to fall to the ground, Xu said.
  Incomplete statistics show that last year at least 303 of these boats intruded into waters off the Xisha Islands. A China Maritime Surveillance aircraft patrols over islands in the eastern province of Zhejiang on Oct 17, 2012. Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli on Friday said that ensuring air quality for the APEC meeting is the priority of priorities for the current air pollution control work. They are trying to drive us into a corner, he said, warning the West against further provocations of Russia.